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About us

Cheers! We are Champaigns or better said, your partners in growing your online business.

We are grateful to have the chance of working with brands and clients we admire and whom we help grow more than expected.

We learned digital marketing as it was developing in Romania and we believe you cannot succeed in this field without passion, logic, common sense, deep rich knowledge, correct data interpretation, and attention to everything going around you.

Be it you work in digital marketing or you own an online shop, we are here to help you and give you the correct information on how to obtain e-commerce performance.

Champaigns is about apparel marketing with a pinch of awesomeness and about the added value we can bring through fizzy campaigns, and responsibilities such as conversion rate optimization and order number increase are our cup of tea.

How do we work?
  • we understand the uniqueness of each shop and build on that particular uniqueness
  • we suggest efficient interfaces and explain very well each step of the process
  • we analyze all the available marketing channels
  • we make personalized strategies for each shop
  • we create and run brand awareness increasing campaigns so your online shop presents its services and products to a higher number of consumers.
Adelina Oprea

Managing Director

What is the secret of success in online promotion? Adelina Oprea, founder and managing director of Champaigns has an experience of more than 10 years in digital marketing for online fashion and lifestyle shops. All the know-how achieved in these years helped Champaigns in managing impressive and innovative projects that turned out to be great results, exceeding the clients’ expectations.

„Over 150 online shops so far trusted Champaigns to create and improve their online presence and to grow their sales through clear, logical strategies, made to generate surprising conversions, created by a talented team of experts with high knowledge. In 2016 I started on my own and created a digital marketing agency; I took off on a fabulous journey called Champaigns – a performance marketing agency, made to help the local fashion industry and grow sales of online shops. Since then, we grew and I was appreciated for my work and my team’s work, for our extraordinary results and spectacular conversions.” Adelina Oprea

Razvan Radulescu

Managing Partner

Razvan joined Champaigns in 2019 out of a pure passion for everything that is digital marketing – the passion that he invested in every chance he got. From when he was 16 years old he worked in sales, both online and offline. In 2010 we switched completely to online and started by building WordPress websites focused on user experience. Later, in 2015 he took a class at the Digital Marketing Institute where he learned to promote online projects using all channels (S.E.O, Google Ads, Social Advertising, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing). After obtaining the diploma, he decided to focus on S.E.O and Google Ads feeling there is where his true calling is and where to get the highest performances. Being the type of person that gives 110% in a project, he always does his best to get the greatest results. For Razvan, the success of a project is a personal achievement.

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