A new way
of doing business:
digital magnetism

Champaigns is the digital marketing agency specialized in helping online fashion & lifestyle stores to increase sales through their websites!

About us

We are Champaigns. We are in. We are Adelina Oprea & Co. We are more than excited to be able to work with brands we admire and to see our clients increase their businesses with a skyrocketing rate every single day. We learned digital marketing while this term was barely known in Romania and we strongly believe that is extremely hard to be successful in this area without logic, feminine intuition, very good taste, great knowledge, the right data reading skills and constant attention to everything that happens.

Together with Champaigns, friends, people in the online business and shop owners are able to get help and access the right information for their successful online businesses.

Champaigns is about apparel marketing with a pinch of awesomeness & about the added value we can bring through sparkling campaigns. Because what we adore is increasing your conversion rates and your online sales.

Who are we?
Claudia Gorunescu
Claudia Gorunescu
PPC Clothing Specialist
Ramona Păunescu
Ramona Păunescu
PPC Footwear Specialist
Ana Roșu
Ana Roșu
Marketing Specialist
Alexandra Ene
Alexandra Ene
International Account Executive
Diana Gheorghe
Diana Gheorghe
Junior PPC Specialist
Happiness Officer
How do we like to work?
  • We understand that each online shop is unique and we like to explore this uniqueness.
  • We come up with efficient interfaces and we explain every move we make in the best possible way.
  • We analyze all the available marketing channels.
  • We create personalized strategies for each shop.
  • We create and run branding campaigns in order to get as many users as possible to hear about your online shop.

Our strategy targets expanding our business on European and international markets. We are grateful for the opportunity of developing so many beautiful projects, therefore we developed 3 special benefits for you:

  • Our emergency service ISSUE to find fast solutions to your ecommerce problems.
  • Our online reporting tool for your Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Our free and constant support in social campaigns addressing women and children issues.
Are you interested in increasing sales through campaigns
especially tailored for your business? Cheers!

We know we are fabulous but here are the right reasons to choose us:

  • We deliver results at small costs.
  • We create high performing Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • We grow conversion rates in 99% of the cases.
  • We have extensive experience in Ecommerce Fashion.
  • We are masters in solving tasks fast. Faster than the delivery service.

When it’s casual chic to start wearing Champaigns?

  • When you are ready to launch a website, an app or an online platform in the Fashion or Lifestyle industry.
  • If you want to stop your online promotion investments from turning into expenses.
  • When you want to raise the performance of your Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • When your online sales have dropped down or are stagnant.
  • When you don’t know how to get started with online sales.