You’ve heard about it before, but you do not know exactly how to use this tool to grow your online shop? Do not worry, the specialists of Champaigns are here to help you to be great with outstanding newsletters!

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email marketing
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e-mail marketing

An indispensable ingredient of the online promotion mix, the e-mail marketing is the way to grow the relationship of your brand and its clients/ website visitors and it represents the most valuable tool for client loyalty. So you should not ignore it! And if you have not done it yet, start collecting e-mail addresses of all your online shop visitors!

email marketing
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E-mail Marketing

In case you did not know it, e-mail marketing is the online promotion channel with the highest conversion rate. Here’s why:

  • Newsletters are target an audience that knows your online shop already, therefore it is easier to get a conversion than trying to convince an audience that is interacting for the first time with your business.
  • Small costs – practically, you only pay the costs of generating the e-mail marketing campaign and there will be no other costs such as cost per click or cost per view.
  • It is very easy to see how efficient your newsletters are: you can find out quickly how many people opened their e-mail, how many entered the website and how many converted.
  • Higher control over the message. In other words, you can send the right message at the right time. Through e-mail marketing you can control better the way of communicating with the audience. I.e. you can create consecutive newsletters to tell a story following the order that you want or you can divide your audience is smaller segments according to their interests or their previous interactions with your brand and send them custom messages.
  • It is the main channel for creating brand loyalty.
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Champaigns specialists

Does it sound way too complicated what we just told you and you have no idea how to start the e-mail marketing story? Champaigns team is here to give you a hand!

  • We will analyze together your business objectives and build a strategy of an e-mail marketing campaign that will guarantee the best results
  • We will help you implemente the tools of collecting e-mail addresses on your website
  • Our super designers will create the most irresistible newsletters templates
  • We will send the newsletters as scheduled, following the calendar we agreed upon together
  • We will analyze the campaigns, we will come to conclusions and adjust the strategy according to the results to increase the performance
  • • We will create detailed reports to present clearly the efficiency of the e-mail marketing campaigns
Use the benefits of the e-mail marketing! It’s time to turn your visitors into client and your clients into loyal ones!
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