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Is the concept of promoting your business something new to you or does your existing campaigns plan not perform the way you want it? At Champaigns we speak fluently “conversions”, especially when it comes to their growth through Facebook Ads. Get it touch with us and let’s see how we can help you!

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promovare Facebook Ads
Briefly, about Facebook Ads Campaigns

Do you have an online shop, a Facebook page and do you want to increase your online sales? Facebook Ads, the platform developed by Facebook to promote online businesses, might be the missing ingredient in your marketing mix! This platform offers a large variety of tools for the marketers to implement the most creative and complex marketing strategies.

promovare Facebook Ads
Get your ads in front of the right people through advanced targeting options and increase your sales at the lowest cost.
promovare Facebook Ads
promovare Facebook Ads
Suitable objectives

Do you want your business to be known by more people, to increase your website’s traffic or to sell more? Well, for any objective you might have to improve your online business’ presence, Facebook Ads has a solution:


  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach


  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Messages


  • Conversions
  • Catalogue Sales
  • Store Traffic

Yes, you are right! At Champaigns we can help you reach all your marketing goals through the campaigns written above.


Facebook Ads for
Brand Awareness

We will use this objective if you wish to increase the visibility of your business on Facebook or if you wish to see how attractive is your business to its targeted audience.

Facebook Ads
for Consideration

In this essential step of the transformation process of the visitors into clients we will take care of delivering as much interesting/useful information as possible to the targeted audience to raise curiosity and increase the interaction with your online business.

Facebook Ads
for Conversions

Daily playground: the online sales growth campaigns are our favorite! Be it a new targeted audience, or the remarketing of the audience that previously interacted with your business, the purpose of these campaigns is to take the performance of your business to a whole new level by generating conversions.
promovare Facebook Ads
Let’s meet!

We are here to help you achieve your business objectives and our job is to take your Facebook Ads campaigns performance to the next level. How can we start our success story? Let’s have a chat! Coffee’s on the house! All in 5 easy steps:

  • We will perform the audit your website and your Facebook Ads account.
  • We will propose a strategy for your business, a budget and an custom combination of special objectives and formats for it
  • We will do all the necessary technical verifications for a successful campaign: the verification and installation of Facebook Pixel and Product feed
  • We will implement the campaigns and all of their functionalities (audiences management, creative input of content and copywriting, banners and videos)
  • We test the versions of messages/banners/videos, monitor, optimize and reevaluate as a continuous process of finding the key of success for your online shop.
promovare Facebook Ads
We help your online shop reach peak performance through personalised strategies and sparkling Facebook Ads campaigns.
promovare Facebook Ads
promovare Facebook Ads
Benefits of Facebook Ads through Champaigns

  • We are experts in digital marketing for Fashion, Apparel & Lifestyle
  • Our main hobby is increasing your conversions number
  • We perform A/b testing until we reach the audiences that generate results
  • We have a fast workflow and we are in control of monitoring and editing each and every campaign
  • We have a fast workflow and we are in control of monitoring and editing each and every campaign

And because the results are the strongest statement of our passion for performance, here’s a sneak peak: