How well do your Facebook campaigns perform?

We thought and built a reporting tool for Facebook Ads campaigns, which, from today on, we make available to you for free.


What information will I find in the report?

First, you will find information about the name of the ad account, the analysis period and the day and time when you generated the report.
You have data about:
  • Number of conversions
  • CPA value
  • Conversion rate
  • The budget consumed
  • Income generated by ads
  • Costs vs. revenue
  • The second part analyzes the part of clicks and CTR where you can see:
  • Number of clicks
  • PbD
  • CTR
  • Frequency
  • Reach
  • Budget consumed
  • You have an analysis of the engagement, of the ads that generated the most likes, comments and shares
    You can figure out which audience is the best convert or you may find that the audience you are targeting is not the right one. All information related to gender, age, location, placement, etc. they can help you refine your targeting so that you get better results.
    See very clearly how many sales your campaigns brought you and at what costs, so you can make decisions to redirect budgets or develop the campaigns that performed best.

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