Implementing Facebook

Pixels & Product Feeds

Our developers’ team put up their expertise for implementing Facebook Pixels & Product Feeds so that you can create performing Facebook Ads.

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instalare Facebook pixel
What is
Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is a code that should be implemented on your website in order to monitor users’ activity.

What do you need it for?

  • Tracking Facebook Ads conversions
  • Optimizing campaigns based on the data collected, the most valuable options being campaigns optimization for Conversion or Value
  • Creating segmented audiences that you can target in new campaigns
  • If you have a new product / service on your website, you can display it in ads to users that have been interested in similar products / services that your business offers
  • Setting up Remarketing campaigns for users who have already interacted with your business, but are yet to convert
  • Creating audiences similar to those which took valuable actions on your website, like one or more purchases in the past.

pixel facebook
feed de produse facebook
What is a Product

The Product Feed is a file exported from your website that contains information about the products listed there; it is then imported in Facebook Ads to be used in campaigns.

What do you need it for?

  • Setting up Dynamic Remarketing campaigns, in which the users see an ad with the specific products they have viewed or added to cart, but have not purchased yet
  • Taking the products from the feed helps displaying the products’ name, actual price, discount percentages or other valuable elements for you, so this makes you save time in creating separate banners and copies.
  • Automatic and daily updates of the products’ list from your website so that your campaigns will only promote the items you have in stock
  • If your online shop includes a great number of products, you can save time creating product sets which you can use for Remarketing, as well as for new target campaigns
  • Creating up-sell or cross-sell campaigns

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