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Getting started with Instagram Ads

Any business aiming for a strong online presence can benefit from Instagram Ads paid promotions; campaigns on this social media platform are recommended particularly for online fashion & lifestyle shops. Nowadays, there are almost 24 million Instagram users in the UK and this shows the extraordinary available potential for online shops, be it in the form of raising brand awareness, building an engaged community or increasing the amount of sales.

promovare instagram ads
promovare instagram ads
Suitable objectives for
Instagram campaigns
01 Instagram Ads for
Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness is an objective aimed at growing your Instagram community and making your prospect customers familiar with your products and / or services. This type of campaign is very useful if you want to make your business visible to as many people as possible and, thus, to grow the number of followers for your business account.
02 Instagram Ads for
Instagram Engagement ads are very similar to Facebook Engagement ads, as their purpose is increasing the number of users who are likely to interact with your posts and, overall, with your business profile. Likes, comments and / or reposts are included.
03 Instagram Ads for
If you want to increase sales for your eShop, then this is the ideal campaign objective for you. Instagram’s potential for generating sales has grown so much in the past years that Facebook is now considering an update that would permit completing purchases directly in the app, without redirecting users to the website. Moreover, chances for good conversion rates on Instagram are higher if your online fashion & lifestyle shop constantly posts quality visual content.
04 Instagram Ads for
The remarketing objective uses data from the Facebook pixel and displays ads to all those users who have already interacted with your website or your Instagram business account.
promovare instagram ads
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Formats for Instagram Ads campaigns

Ok, you’ve decided it’s time to make us of Instagram Ads but are you still a bit confused regarding the suitable formats for your campaigns? Well, our marketing specialists will help you choose the most suitable formats for your objectives:

Single image / video – This the most used format in Instagram, one reason for this being the fact that it was one of the first media formats the app developed. The format allows uploading one single image / video accompanied by a landing page, a headline and a short text and it will be placed on Instagram News Feed, Instagram Explore or Instagram Story.

CCarousels allow uploading up to 10 images and / or videos, each with its own headline, landing page and Call-to-Action (CTA) button. Instagram users can slide left or right through carousel images, using their smartphone. This is the ideal format if you want to promote several products with their dedicated landing pages, one product that has numerous photographs or if you want to build a story around the given products.

Story ads are the most recent innovation in terms of campaign formats; social media users generally perceive stories as less intrusive, thus they can record a larger number of conversions. Users need to swipe up on the Shop Now button in order to access the campaign’s landing page and to purchase the wanted product.

It doesn’t matter if you are just at the beginning or if you already have some Instagram Ads know-how, Champaigns is here to help you with a custom strategy meant to get you more customers interested in your ecommerce! All in 5 easy steps:

1. Join us for a coffee and a chat

2. Then we will perform an audit for your website and your Instagram Ads account

3. We will propose a strategy, a budget and a custom combination of special objectives and formats for Instagram

4. We will implement the campaigns and all of their functionalities, such as creating and monitoring the needed audiences, suggesting a creative input for the text, image or video etc.

5. A/B testing for texts / banners / videos is included, as are campaigns monitoring and re-evaluation

agentie instagram ads
agentie instagram ads
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  • We are experts in digital marketing for Fashion, Apparel & Lifestyle
  • Our main hobby is increasing your conversions number
  • We perform A/b testing until we reach the audiences that generate results
  • We have a fast workflow and we are in control of monitoring and editing each and every campaign
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