Are you working on a new online shop or do you want to visually refresh the existing one? We can help you tell the story of your brand with professional lookbook or product photos.

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Show us the photos you use and we will tell you who you are! Or better about how the photos you use must present the brand identity and its values, to build both trust and a long lasting relationship with your target audience. Tell us about your project and we will bring the knowledge we have after 10 years experience in the fashion and lifestyle e-commerce to help you grow a strong brand.

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Look-book photography

If it looks good, it’s mine. People need context photos of your product so they can understand the added value it brings into their lives, even if most of the times we talk about an emotional boost, not necessarily a practical utility. It is all about getting emotional reactions and about how a set of lookbook photos can create a unique bond between your brand and the target audience.


At Champaigns, it is our daily job to find ways to reduce the number of abandoned carts on your online shops. Good product photos are an element of great importance because NO, a good product will NOT sell regardless of its presentation. You definitely need product photos to induce trust in the mind of the client, so he believes that the product he sees online reflects reality and the quality he expects. Therefore, if you want a refresh of your online shop products photos, the team of Champaigns photographers are here for you with a special “Photo to Impress” shooting!

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Do you have a project? Tell us all about it and let’s see how we can help!