Privacy Policy


We, the ones from Champaigns, know how important it is for you the way that your personal data is used and shared and we take you and your data’s privacy very seriously.

Please, read forward to find out more about our Privacy Policy.

Using and accessing our services in any way, means that you understand and accept the practices and policies presented in this Privacy Policy and, through this document, you agree with collecting, utilising and sharing your data as it follows.

Remember that the usage of Champaigns’ services is always committed to Terms and Conditions that also contains this Privacy Policy.

Any terms that will be used in this Policy without being phrased, have their definition found in Terms and Conditions.

What does this Privacy Policy contains?

This Privacy Policy contains information about operating the personal data (personal information) that we collect when you don’t access or use our Services, but not for the companies’ practices that we don’t possess or control, or from the people that we don’t manage or administrate.

We collect many types of personal data from our users, like we’ve in-depth explained underneath, and we use these personal data in our home front, along with our website and services, for allowing you to personalise, provide and refine our services, for allowing you to generate a better Facebook Campaigns’ report through Ad Facebook Reports by Champaigns and for analysing how you use our services. It can happen that we share some personal information to some third party, but only accomplishing the conditions underneath.

Will Champaigns ever change this Privacy Policy?

We are constantly trying to improve our Services, so it is possible, from now to then, to be in the need of changing this Privacy Policy, but we will announce you regarding this aspect through an announcement on, through an e-mail and/or through other mediums. We get you noticed about the fact that, if you have chosen not to receive legal warning e-mails from us (or you didn’t provide us an e-mail address), those legal warnings keep controlling how you use our Services and you are still responsible for their reading and understanding.

If you are using the website and/or services after we post some modifications made in the Privacy Policy, it means that you agree with all the changes. The usage of the information that we collect in this moment is committed in effect to the moment in which that kind of information can be collected in a legally way.

What kind of information does Champaigns collect?

CHAMPAIGNS ECOMMERCE LTD with the registered office in 122 McLeod Road, Abbey Wood, London, SE2 0BS, company no. 11718779, operates your personal data: name, surname, phone number, e-mail address as an operator, in accordance with the new Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018), for the following purposes:

  • Offering the services included in the Agency’s portfolio
  • Solving any requirement and/or complaint regarding our services
  • Market researching
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Direct Marketing
Information that you provide to us:

We receive and store any information provided by you by choice. For example, through the registration process and/or through your account settings, we can collect personal data like your name, e-mail address, phone number and authentication data for third-party (for example, your Facebook account or other third-party websites). If you provide us with your authentication information or you access the Services through a website or Third-Party Service, you understand that some content and/or information from that account (Third-Party Account Information) can be sent to your account from our website if you authorize this kind of assignation and that the Third-Party Information sent to our Services is covered by this Privacy Policy; for example, the content of your Facebook Ads campaigns, from your Business Manager/Facebook Ads Account. Some information may be required for your registration to us or for taking advantage of some of our elements/features.

It is possible that we will communicate with you if you’ve provided the mediums to do that. For example, if you’ve delivered your e-mail address, it can happen that we will send you an e-mail with promotional offers in the name of other companies or to let you know about utilising our Services. Also, it might happen that we receive a confirmation when you open our e-mail. This confirmation helps us communicate in a more creative way with you and to better our Services. If you do not want to receive anything of these from us, please tell us about this requirement by writing us at

The legal warranty of processing is supplied by the legitim interests that Champaigns has for refining its services range, to constantly maintain its clients up to date regarding its Services, to secure customer loyalty and to pay back this loyalty to them.

Cookies Policy

Everytime you interact with our website and services, we receive and automatically register information on our login server from your browser or device, that can contain your IP address, device identification, “cookie” information, the browser or device type that you use for accessing our website and services and, also, the page or elements that you’ve asked for.

Cookies are identifiers that we transfer to your browser or device. They allow us to recognise the browser and device and they tell us how, when and what pages and elements from our website and services are visited and, also, how many people visited them. It is possible that you change the preferences from you browser or device for preventing or limiting you device’s acceptance of cookies but this could pull you back from taking advantage of some services that we offer.

Again, this Privacy Policy does not cover the cookies used by a third-party and we are not responsible for their practices and privacy policies.

We use collected information for enhancing the content of our website and services.

Will Champaigns share some of the personal information that it receives?

We neither borrow nor sell to anybody your Personal Information like a personal identification. Nevertheless, we can share personal data to third-parties as it is described in the next section:

Information that can not generate a personal identification:

We save in anonymity your personal data for keeping you away from being personally identified and we can send this information to our partners. As well, we can serve to our partners even cumulated usage information (statistics), and they can use this kind of information to find out how and how often do people use our website and services, out after offering you a very good online experience. These being said, we never provide statistics to a partner in a way that could reveal you as an individual.

We use Google Analytics for analysing how users utilise our website and services. Google Analytics uses cookies for collecting information like how frequently our service is accessed by users, the pages they go through and other websites they’ve visited before arriving to our website. The only purpose for using Google Analytics is refining our website and services. Google Analytics collects your attributed IP address from the date you’ve visited our service, but it does not collect your name or other personal identification information. We do not combine Google Analytics generated information with your personal information. Although Google Analytics installs a Cookie in your web browser for identifying you as an unique user next time you visit our website, the Cookie can be used only by Google. Google’s ability to utilise and share the collected information by Google Analytics regarding to the visits that you’ve made to the service is restricted by Google Analytics’ Terms and Conditions and by Google’s Privacy Policy.

We reserve our right to access, read, keep and reveal any information that: we consider necessary in a reasonable way for respecting the law or the law order; it assesses or applies Usage Terms and other agreements; or the securement of rights, property or security of Champaigns, of its employers, of our or other’s users.

Is the personal data safe?

The account that you use for logging in the advanced report tool of Facebook’s campaigns - Ad Facebook Reports by Champaigns is protected and respects your confidentiality and security. If you access your account through an intermediate website or through a third-party service, it is possible to have additional or distinct signature protections provided by the third-party service.

We do our best to protect the confidentiality of your account and other personal information that we keep in our inventory but, unfortunately, we can not guarantee total security. Unauthorized entrance or usage, hardware or software failures and other factors can compromise the users information’ security in any moment.

The rights you are provided with

Considering the envisioned conditions by the legislation for processing personal data, as intended victims, you take advantage of the following rights:

  • Reporting right, meaning the right to receive details regarding the operating activities that CHAMPAIGNS ECOMMERCE LTD accomplishes, according to this document;
  • The right to access data, respectively the right to get the confirmation from CHAMPAIGNS ECOMMERCE LTD regarding processing personal data, and also details about the process activities, like how the data is operated, the scope for operating, the receiver or receiver categories etc.;
  • Correction right, as the right to obtain the inaccurate/insubstantial personal data adjustment, without justified time lag, from CHAMPAIGNS ECOMMERCE LTD and, also, the right of filling in a missing data; Rectifying/ Augmenting will be communicated to each receiver that picked the data, excepting the case in which this proves to be impossible or supposes unequal efforts.
  • The right to erase data, without justified time lag (“the right to forget something”), considering this could apply for one of the next reasons:
    • Data is not required anymore for accomplishing the scopes for which it had been collected or processed;
    • Considering the fact that the consent had been drawn back and there is no other legal warranty for processing;
    • In the case that the intended victim opposes to processing and there are not legitimate reasons that stands on it;
    • In the case that the personal data had been illegally processed;
    • In the case that the personal data must be erased for accomplishing a legal duty;
    • The personal data had been collected for offering the information society services accordingly to the Union right or the intern’s right that stands for the operator.
  • It can happen that, after receiving a solicitation for erasing data, CHAMPAIGNS ECOMMERCE LTD will unsign these data (making them not personal) and to continue processing them in these conditions for statistics scopes;
  • The right to limit the operation process in as far as:
    • The person appeal against data’s accuracy, for a period that allows us to verify data’s precision;
    • Data processing is illegal, and the intended victim refuses to erase the personal data, but requires a limitation in operating it;
    • The operator does not need anymore to process the personal data, but the intended victim asks for the data for stating, bearing or defending a right in the instance; or
    • The intended victim opposed against operating (for other purposes than the ones for direct marketing), for the period of time in which it is evaluated, if the legal rights of the operator outweigh the intended victim’s rights.
  • The right for data portability, as (i) the right to receive the personal data in a structured, commonly usage and readable way and, also, (ii) the right for CHAMPAIGNS ECOMMERCE LTD to send this data to other operator, considering law’s conditions;
  • Resistance right - regarding the processing activities, resistance right can be practiced through delivering one demand, as it follows:
    • In any moment, considering the intended victim’s particular situation, pointing data to be operated in the legal interest warranty of CHAMPAIGNS ECOMMERCE LTD or in the public interest warranty, excepting the case in which CHAMPAIGNS ECOMMERCE LTD can demonstrate that it has legal and stringent reasons that justify the data operation process and which prevail over intended victim’s interests, rights and personal checked liberty or that the purpose is to stat, bear or defend a right in the instance;
    • In any moment, free and without justification, that the purpose for operating the data refers to direct marketing.
  • The right not to be submitted to an automated individual decision, respectively, the right not to be the subject of a decision reached based only on automated operating activity, including profiles creation, that produces legal effects that implies or similarly/ consequentially affects the intended victim;
  • The right to address to the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing or to the competent authorities, insofar as you consider it imperatively.

If you have any questions or misunderstandings regarding our Privacy Policy, please send us a detailed message at and we will try to handle your problems.

Thank you for reading!