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TikTok provides companies with an opportunity to reach a larger community of users, who prioritize entertainment and authenticity.


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Targeting the Right Audience

Reaching potential customers has never been easier. With TikTok ads, we can precisely target your audience by gender, location, age, interests, language, operating system, behaviour, carrier and other unique variables.


No matter what your marketing goal is, we will take the ads to the next level. We do that with the help of Custom and Lookalike audiences, that help us reach people similar to the existing customers.

Ad Formats

In order to keep your audience engaged, we use creative ad formats that best suit the campaign objective. Be it square, horizontal or vertical - the templates we use for images and videos will make up engaging ads.

Video Creation Kit

The tools we use make it easier for us to create video ads. The Video Creation Kit provides us with a variety of video templates and allows us to create videos using existing images.

Transparent Measurment

The TikTok Ads Manager measurement tools allow us to monitor the ad performance, with detailed data and automated custom reports. We use the TikTok pixel to measure the marketing results by tracking the user’s behaviour.

Trusted Data Partners

We keep track of the conversions generated from ads and monitor the users’ in-app actions, impressions and click attribution data for transparency and accuracy.

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We also offer assistance regarding:

Support from the Creative Team

In order to have a real impact on your audience, we create fresh and captivating videos, particularly structured for the TikTok community.

TikTok Advertising

To ensure that your business benefits from the desired visibility, we offer advertising services consisting of Campaign, Ad Group and Ad, which we build thoroughly from the very beginning.

TikTok Marketing Partner

We have access to TikTok engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They keep us up to date with the latest algorithm optimizations, in order for us to have an efficient activity and to obtain the desired results from the created campaigns.
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Together we made the first steps on what was going to be a very long road, full of ups and downs - a road that’s still being built piece by piece through hard work. The figures speak for themselves: from August to December 2020, there was increase in sales of 300%.