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Do your campaigns lack a good performance because your tracking codes are not correctly installed? Are you losing online purchases because you haven’t added an online payment service? Our team here at Champaigns is available to solve programming tasks rapidly & efficiently so that you could finally enjoy a successful online business!

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Those eternal web development issues…

Are there any current problems with your online shop? It’s our trademark signature to solve them quickly as we know how important it is for your online shop to be up & running at full parameters every moment. Each minute means money, thus we decided to offer you the services of our experienced developers, in order to sort out these tedious programming tasks and to make your website / online shop perfectly functional.

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Press Champaigns for the following programming tasks:
  • Fast bug fixing. Error 404! Does this look familiar to you? Of course, we also know it. “Our top guys” are here to investigate the issue and find the solution as quick as saying “Champaigns”.
  • Web development. We are pro innovation and creative development so we’ll help you with all the necessary improvement updates for you online shop.
  • Optimisation for checkout flow. In order for your online shop’s visitors to become clients, they need to have an uninterrupted experience on your website. We can identify the main obstructions encountered during the online purchase process and we can implement the necessary changes in order for your users to order without any hassle.
  • Implementing modules for fast delivery
  • Implementing modules for online payment
  • Implementing tracking codes. Pick a treat: Facebook Ads Pixel, Google Ads tracking code, Google Analytics tag, Glami tracking, 2Performant tracking – we are true aces in flawlessly implementing tracking codes because with them, marketing campaigns would mean nothing.
  • Fixing tracking codes – so you already have some pre-installed tracking codes, but they seem to be implemented the wrong way. No problem, we will diagnose the issue and deliver the solution needed for your performing campaigns.
  • Product feed import. Are you unsure about how to use all of the products from your website in campaigns? We will do everything related to product feed. This is a file exported from your website, containing info about the existing products; it can be imported on different marketing platforms like Facebook or Google Ads to be used in campaigns.
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Choose Champaigns web development services

Is your online fashion & lifestyle shop in need of Champaigns development? With more than 8 years’ experience in digital marketing for online shops we know the exact way in which this type of business needs to perform online, so we offer you our know-how and our experience to help you be successful in such a competitive market.

  • We solve each task quickly because we know how important it is for your customers to visit a fully functional website
  • We help you have performing campaigns through tracking codes implementation or fixing
  • We help you build a flawless checkout flow so that you can convince more visitors to become customers
  • We perform all the necessary checks & updates to make sure that your online shop is functioning at its best any given moment

Leave your programming tasks in the Champaigns team’s care so that you can take care of other important aspects for your business’ development.

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Do you need some help with your programming tasks?
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